Bhangra is a Vibrant, Energy filled Indian Dance.

That everyone can enjoy.

What is Bhangra? 

Bhangra is a traditional folk dance that originates from the Northern part of India, Punjab. Though Bhangra began as a way to celebrate harvests, it has evolved to being a way of celebrating many diverse occasions and festivities. In recent years, Bhangra has enjoyed a spike in popularity worldwide, and though it has come far from its initial humble beginnings, it has really left a mark on many Western countries, as they try to incorporate their own flavor to it. Bhangra is embraced in its traditional form, but also in a new form that encompasses a fusion with different musical and dance style genres, such as hip hop and R&B.

See if you can spot these moves during the show!


Bhetkes, or literally, “up downs,” are powerful squats performed by pointing your knees out and bouncing on your feet.


Dhammal, a hopping step, imitates a pendulum motion by lifting the legs to waist level, alternating between left and right.


Jhummar showcases grace and nakhra with a fluid, controlled stepping movement.


Punjab uses tapping motions and lateral movement for a high energy move.